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  • Eye Protection

    Eye Protection

    We stock high quality Eye protection googles and glasses for all work types

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  • Personal Protective Gear

    Personal Protective Gear

    Assortment of Personal protective Gear, gloves, face masks, nose masks etc.

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  • Electrical PPE

    Electrical PPE

    Assortment of quality Electrical Personal protective Gear(PPE) We have various sizes and color of gloves, boots, and more electrical PPE.

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  • Protective Coveralls

    Protective Coveralls

    High quality, stylish protective coveralls that offer comfort and protection you can rely on. We stock a wide range of…

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  • HexArmor gloves

    HexArmor gloves

    13-gauge high-performance polyethylene and glass fiber blend shell, protects hands from cut hazards while allowing maximum dexterity. Call for details…

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  • Fire Blankets

    Fire Blankets

    Fire blankets are used to extinguish fires in the kitchen (cooking oil, fat pans, waste bins etc) and clothing fires.…

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  • Face Shield

    Face Shield

    Quality face shield in different makes and colors, they can be used to protect the face from potential chemical splash.…

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  • Safety Boots

    Safety Boots

    WE stock quality Safety boots leading Manufacturers in the world  

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